Erasmus project - cod. 2020-1-IT02-KA227-SCH-095511

ERASMUS + | Progetto Scuola InCanto “ La Cenerentola” di G. Rossini

ERASMUS+ - Project Coordination: EIC won a grant as the coordinator for an Erasmus+ project (Convenzione n. 2020-1-IT02-KA227-SCH-095511) in the field of School Education. They coordinated activities with four European partners, including Forum Thomanum Schulen (Germany), Ecole du Chant d’Oiseau (Belgium), ISISS Magarotto (Italy), and Academia de Música de Lagos (Portugal).

The main goal of Europa InCanto is to spread artistic, musical, and literary culture among the new generations, working with and for young people.

Cities Involved

  • Rome (IT)
  • Bruxelles (BE)
  • Lispia (GE)


InCanto Opera Education is an educational project aimed at introducing young students and teachers in compulsory schools to the world of opera. Its purpose is to spread knowledge and love for music, opera, and theater.

To achieve this, the association has developed an innovative and original fun-learning method in which children are not passive spectators but active participants in the learning process. This method aims to meet the needs of young students through emotionally engaging and rewarding experiences and a language that is current and understandable.

It is through this approach based on play and active participation that Europa InCanto has worked for over a decade to disseminate artistic, musical, and literary culture with the goal of promoting the cultural, intellectual, and emotional growth of children and helping them become better individuals and citizens in the future.

InCanto Opera education is dedicated to a major operatic work and includes a structured and complex educational path that spans various phases throughout the school year:

on one hand, training sessions and workshops for teachers and students - conducted using an original and innovative educational method that engages and inspires students in the world of opera through singing and play;

on the other hand, the final performance, open to everyone, where students are the protagonists of the show itself.


  • Learning the chosen work
  • Dissemination of Italian cultural heritage
  • Spreading the Italian Language
  • Learning of the teaching method of Scuola InCanto
  • Group work among children and learning group work techniques
  • Dissemination of culture among and for young people


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Photo Gallery in Rome / Lispia / Belgium: